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U.S. residents can not be afraid of scorpions

It was long-awaited breakthrough. And then, finally, in Mexico created an antidote to the bite of a scorpion, approved for use in the United States. The drug, called Anascorp ease suffering and even save you from death, thousands of people each year are victims of scorpions. "The creation of such serum was extremely important for all of America, but for Arizona - in particular. After all, most Arizonans naschastnyh scorpions bite. This medication is designed specifically for the case to local scorpion bite ", - said an employee of the University of Arizona Jose Lever Hussmaster.

Although Arizona scorpion has a length of 7 cm, it is a poison that can kill an adult within a few hours. Although deaths are rare and most of them are in Mexico, it is clear that for the most south-western U.S. state is no less serious problem. Arizonans are often uninvited guests not only in the yard, but even in the kitchen and bath as the scorpions of the search for water, which is a significant part of their diet. Therefore, these parts are popular special ultraviolet lights that allow to detect unfriendly neighbors at night, during their most active. "At last we have some cure that can eliminate all the negative symptoms of a scorpion stings in a short period of time - from 30 minutes to 2 hours. But the most important thing - it does not have side effects. This is the main difference between the new antidote to drugs of last generation. It is completely safe, "- said the expert Natsianalnogo Autonomous University of Mexico, Alejandro Alagon Kano. Created a new drug on the basis of the blood plasma of horses, which instilled a small dose of scorpion venom. It promises to give the antidote new impetus to the pharmaceutical industry in Mexico and at the same time bring relief to the victims of poisonous scorpions.

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