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Consideration of the relationship between advertising and copyright i'll start with a quote from the decision of one of the American ships: "... advertising can be an original creative work, which is the subject of copyright." The copyright applies to advertising protection, even if it has enough originality and creativity.
Use in advertising material protected by copyright, is seen primarily as a commercial one, because "... the only purpose of such use is profit." Although the unauthorized commercial use of the work is not recognized as a bona fide (fair use), however there have been cases where the protection of the court is successfully built on fair use. Proved that the product was used in the advertisement is not in the process of competition and such use does not reduce the value of the work.
The courts make a distinction between advertising with elements of parody and advertising, which in itself is a travesty that goes beyond the limits of fair use. Seizure material protected copyright, solely for profit and without the creative purpose is not considered fair use. Regarding links to topics of the American Society of consumers courts have different views. Depending on the circumstances, some of them considered it a fair use, some with such qualification disagreed. If the copyrighted work is mostly informational, not creative, then there is greater room for maneuver in the application of the concept of fair use.

Advertising business in the U.S.

Advertising in the United States as the service industry has a long history and is developing very rapidly. It caters to the production of goods and services, their implementation and consumption, and also has a decisive influence on the nature and extent of demand, inform the customer about the properties of the goods. With the help of advertising products and services to get them prepared for the market.
For the costs of advertising the most weight is advertising in newspapers, radio broadcasts, television, the Internet.
Developing fast in television advertising. In the U.S., there are more than 1,200 television stations, 70% of which are commercial that exist only because of advertising revenue. In the popular American television program one minute of advertising time can be about 500 thousand dollars or more.

The financial basis of the American radiobiznesa also is advertising. Most of the revenues from radio advertising has on local radio.
Advertising provides financial existence of newspapers and magazines. About 80% of the proceeds prints obtained from the publication of advertisements, and others - from the sale of the print run.

5 советов для эффективного социального маркетинга

Чтобы основать Вашу компанию и предложить ее более широкой аудитории, очень важно продвинуть её в самой эффективной манере. Социальный Маркетинг - один очень существенный аспект. Ниже 5 эффективных советов для лучшего социального маркетинга:

1. Выберите свою платформу:

Сначала Вы должны решить какая социальная платформа, будет работать лучше в зависимости от ниши Вашего бизнеса и где Вы получите более широкую желаемую аудиторию. Facebook и Twitter - две популярные социальные платформы и лучше всего подходят для услуг B2C. Принимая во внимание, что LinkedIn предпочтителен для фирм то предложение услуги B2b.

2. Целевая аудитория:

Вы должны разобраться с видом аудитории, в которой Вы хотите продвигаться. Вы должны включать всю демографию. Кроме того, исследуйте, как потребители склонны взаимодействовать с социальными СМИ. Наряду с этим, Вы должны сосредоточить свою кампанию вокруг того, какую ценность Ваша фирма будет приносить клиентам.


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