Aveji yidva gayidva, meoradi - avejis damzadeba

Aveji yidva gayidva, meoradi - avejis damzadeba

Kargi da xalisxiani avejis yidva dzalian dzneli. Samwuxarod bazarze dzalian bevri uxarisxo avejia. Es imitom rom uxarisxo masala shemoaqvt rom meti fuli amoigon. amitom kargi iqneba da fasze ar gavaketebt akcent aramed xarisxze. Karg avejad gadaketeba sheidzleba meoradi aveji rom gamoviyenod.

Axal saxls kargi aveji schirdeba amitom ginda ar ginda unda iyido axali aveji. Tumca shekitxva chndeba dzvels ra uyot? dges bevri punqti arsebobs sadac meoradi avejis chabareba sheidzleba. Paradoqsia magram mere isini amisgan axal aketeben da isev chven gvyidian)) Amitom kargi iqneba da specialist vtxovt da is dagvexmareba sherchevashi.

kargad sheamowmed xolme masala radganac bevri cudi masalaa shemosuli. dges aris erti saiti sadac sheidzleba kargi avejis povna da yidva. Qvemod naxavt bmuls da shegidzliat estumrod am saits bevri kargi shemotavazebaa.



BUY OR open a business in the U.S.

Esli you ask any of you, as you can legally get to the United States, the answers will be: to get married, to win the Green Card, to go on a business visa to go on a student visa, etc. But there is another option that few govorit. This E-2 Treaty Investor Visa.

This visa is an investor who buys or open a business in the United States.

Take advantage of this emigration law can a person who has $ 75,000 in the form of money or money commodity.

Example: Someone has a shoe store in Kiev. If he places the paper on your product for $ 40000 $ 35000 in cash, he can open the shoe business in the U.S., and will become a permanent resident of the United States. Or buy a ready-made business in the United States.

For this to happen, a business broker in the U.S., the emigration to the United States attorney and partner of theirs in one of the countries of the CIS, which will help the search for customers.

The best business ideas of the United States | Top 10

Business in Europe and the United States began to develop much earlier than the iron curtain fell in the Soviet Union, so most business ideas come to us from abroad. I would like to present the most successful business ideas from America, which helped their authors earn more than $ 30 billion.

If you think now learn a new idea that will make a million, you're wrong. But you'll know exactly where the money you can earn.

1)   Labels on the flowers - men often buy their women flowers, the petals of a flower sticker gives special charm to the present.
2)   Sales of chocolate - the idea is simple and profitable to sell chocolate in all its forms, for example, "Nutella" variety of chocolate spread has brought millions of its owner.
3)   The safety deposit boxes on freeways - this theme is not so common in Russia now, but in the U.S. it brings great profit. On the motorway dots located on the save, any values ??on the way back, you can pick up your things, paying only the cost of the cell.


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