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Auto - Manqanebi yidva gayidva, meoradi manqana

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Prices of cars in the U.S.

After our "opus" of the finest roads in America, we have decided to once again touch the automotive theme, but on the other side - in terms of analysis and comparison of car prices in the United States and Russia (for clarity example).

In the course of the analysis we have done for a number of discoveries, which now share with you now ...

So, the car market in different continents!

"Toyota" - universal car brand in Russia and the U.S.

Yes, indeed! Statistics - the inexorable piece which shows that the most popular brand of cars in Russia is the "Toyota".

Step on the gas! Have shown the realities prevailing in recent years, the world economic situation, the population of the United States, lightly battered financial crisis, and now turns his attention to the Japanese auto industry.

So what? Relatively inexpensive, high quality, modern, presents a wide range of goods, professional service and the ubiquitous network, etc.

Let's compare the conditions of purchase and the price of cars here and there! For the calculation we took the U.S. dollar against the Russian ruble, the rate of the current rate on its sale to 29.30 rubles. $ 1.

Car Insurance Rates and Companies

Coming to the office of the insurance company, you will be welcomed with friendly staff ready to answer all your questions, and more, anticipating your questions he is very polite and tell you in detail about all types of insurance offered by the insurance company. Always a pleasure to deal with a professional in their field.
Always nice friendly and treated with respect by the staff of the office to which you have applied.
But. The main thing to remember in the insurance contract - the insurance company - it is a commercial organization. A main goal of any business organization - not providing services to its customers and make a profit.
Prize - their revenues, and payments on insured event - the costs. To this end, many companies are deliberately left in a small fad of the insurance contract, which allows for the insurance case substantially reduced and sometimes even deny the insurance claim. This does not mean, in any insurance company is waiting for you "set up". And do not just mean that the UK always use such fetish. You just need to be careful and thoughtful reading agreement that is going to sign.

Also, you should realize, and one more thing. Hull, in contrast to the CTP, - not necessarily the type of insurance, there is not regulated by state rules and tariffs - is an exclusive product of the insurer, is different from all the UK.


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