American Presidents' Hobbies

The President of the United States differs from the President of the Russian Federation. He is the head of the executive branch of the government only, it selects not only the people but also the electors, who are more and more important not clear. They have a Vice-President (it should be noted that in the history of Russia was once vice-president), presidents have many family connection, as well as on the constitution they can make money as Acting President. However, many famous for their personal actions, hobby. Sometimes, even eccentric.

Home of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, located in the state of Virginia, contained a billiard room, although at the time of Jefferson's pool in Virginia was denied. After completion of the presidential career Jefferson founded the University of Virginia and he has designed his body. He also took a great interest in archeology, creative writing, producing wine, cooking and industrial design.

Dwight Eisenhower played golf and treated him so badly that one day asked for my golf club to remove the high pine tree near the 17th hole because it sometimes interfered with "long" shock. His request was denied, and the tree is now known as "pine Eisenhower."

Billionaire Hobbies

American rich men are quite traditional: as a rule, is a sport often extreme, or music, now fashionable. Moreover, the concept of "hobby" for a very rich man means more than just a fan of sports or the arts. Tools allow wealthy Americans to acquire ownership of your favorite sports teams, to finance its research projects and establish museums. Of course, a great influence on addiction has age. One of the youngest billionaire Paul Allen is the owner of a pair of well-known sports teams. He is the project of an interactive museum of rock 'n' roll, which was created by architect Frank Gehry in Seattle, the hometown of Allen (sister of Paul became the director of the museum.) He also spent more than $ 20 million in a kind of "Museum of Science Fiction", which is scheduled to open in 2004. Finally, Allen, who knows firsthand what a serious illness or medical founded several foundations supporting research. Other funds Allen sent money to develop the performing arts cinema, social services and forest conservation America.
Allen himself adores the music of Jimi Hendrix and is a member of the Seattle band Grown Men, where he plays the guitar. The first disc of the group, by the way, was released in the spring of 2000.

Steve Ballmer, another person closely associated with the company Gates is a big fan of sports. We employed a manager have the time for a daily jog, as well as training in the gym and play basketball.
Another computer magnate Lawrence Ellison, who managed to take part in the world championship in sailing. Being a big fan of sports in general, Allison personally leads his plane. In some circles it is considered a great original and avant-garde.

Увлечение и поиски детектором металла

Это не имеет значения, если вы новичок в хобби, или занимаетесь им давно.Увлечение и поиски с  детектором металла дает вам активный образ жизни,выводит вас из дома к природе, чувство приключений и открытий,так как вам прийдеться посещать новые места и узнать их истории и рассказы о потерянных сокровищах. Вы никогда не знаете, что вы могли бы найти за следующим поворотом, что-нибудь от бесполезной вещи до бесценной, от монет до ювелирных изделий, от пуль и военных форм.аксессуаров... А с ростом популярности клубов обнаружения металла,вы сможете встретить товарищей охотников за сокровищами с общими интересами.


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