Iaragis yidva gayidva didi archevani, tofebi

Iaragi, tofebi SaqartveloSi

Iaragi rom iyido nebartvaa sachiro. Tumca aseve seidzleba antikvari tofebis yidva an gayidva. Amaze coda mogvianebit mogwert sad.

Aris bevr nairi iaragi, psiqologiuro civi magalitad danebi an xanjali. Civi iaragis qonas nebartva ar schirdeba tu sashishi ar aris da adamianis sicocxles safrtxes ar uqmnis. Amitom iwereba es statia rogor shevarchiot kargi iaragi da rogor movigot nabartva mis tarabaze.

Yvelaferi dzalian martvidan sheidzleba gairkves. Unda mixvidet nebismier patrulis an shesabamisi Senobasi da gaarkviot. Iq kargi specialistebi arian romlebic sachiro konsultacias gagiweven da dagexmarebian. Sanadiro tofebis yidva tu gayidva tu gnebavt amistvis shegidzliat specialur saitze shebrdzandet da sachiro informacia moipovot.

Aq aris bmuli ert ert yvelaze populalur saitze sadac dzalian didi archevia da shegidzliat estumrod am saits da iyidot sashiro Tofi, civi iaragi, xanjali , pnevmaturi tu psiqologiuri iaragi. Amitom gisurvebt warmatebas da karg dges !


Health insurance in the United States

In 2000, Americans spent on health care than $ 1 trillion, that is, More than 15% of the gross domestic product. Most Americans spend only on food and housing.

In the U.S., health insurance is voluntary and is carried out almost entirely by employers. Health insurance - the most common type of insurance on the job, but employers are not obliged to provide it. Not all U.S. employees receive such insurance. Yet in most large companies, health insurance is almost an indispensable condition, and in 1990 they covered about 75% of the population USA1.

There are many types of health insurance. The most common is the so-called compensation insurance, or insurance "fees." In this form of insurance the employer pays the insurance company a premium for each employee, provided the appropriate policy. Then the insurance company pays the checks presented hospital or other medical facility or physician. Thus paid services included in the insurance plan. Typically, the insurance company covers 80% of the cost of treatment for the rest of the insured has to pay himself.

There is an alternative - the so-called controlled insurance services. The number of Americans covered by this type of insurance is increasing rapidly (more than 31 million people. In 1991). In this case, the insurance company enters into contracts with physicians, other health professionals, as well as c institutions, including hospitals, to provide all the services provided by this kind of insurance. Typically, hospitals receive a fixed amount that is paid in advance for each insured.

The insurance industry in the U.S.

American business insurance is different and the huge scale has a strong lead in the global insurance market for all possible indicators. In the USA works about 9 thousand companies of property insurance and about 2 thousand companies, life insurance and health. The assets of all insurance companies account for about 2.5 trillion. In the U.S. the average assets of one company constitute 950 million dollars, and in the 12 largest companies account for $ 60 billion

Currently in the U.S., there are about 4,500 companies offering online insurance. According to some reports the share of annual online sales of the world insurance market accounted for $ 50 million, accounting for 2-2.5% of total online sales, with about 2% of the income of insurance companies account for e-commerce.

Widely practiced the use of mini-portals that integrate from 2 to 10 companies operating in the same or different areas of insurance. These portals bring together participants of the project into a virtual insurance system through which a customer can buy a policy on-line. Thus, at one site the client is offered a variety of insurance products where the policyholder has the option to choose the right insurance to him, and then the appropriate company. The process of buying the policy is divided into 3-5 segments. You must complete several questionnaires in which information is entered on the form of insurance, data on the subject of insurance, the form of payment, information on the face of fear. After that, the insurance policy is formed and sent by mail.


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