Foreign direct investment in the United States, billions of dollars

An important trend in the development of the world economy over the last two decades is strengthening the process of internationalization, and especially its highest stage - globalization. The development of the process of globalization of world economic relations is largely determined by increasing activities of transnational corporations (TNCs), the number of which is constantly increasing. Their work is based on the export of foreign direct investment (FDI). In the middle of this decade, TNCs annually exported abroad 850-900 billion dollars, while the main arena of their investment activities were the countries with strong and dynamically developing market economy, in particular the United States.

The current global economic crisis will undoubtedly make adjustments to the investment activities of most foreign companies, primarily aimed at reducing the number of corporations - exporters of capital and reduction of inflows to the U.S. economy. Due to the lack of updated information on this issue in the documents of government agencies in the U.S. This article reviews the activities of foreign capital mainly to the beginning of the crisis, although an attempt is made on the basis of forecasts of international organizations to bring the analysis of the topic until a later period.

Volume and dynamics of foreign investment in the U.S. economy

Being the most powerful economy in the world, the United States not only are the main exporter of direct investment, but have become a major importer of capital. In the middle of this decade, 22% of global foreign direct investment accounted for the investment in the U.S. economy.

Investment in the United States: safety, low cost, without taxes.

Never in the history of investment opportunities in the United States were not as wide as it is now. Clabost the U.S. dollar, a significant fall in house prices makes it possible to buy more real estate in the United States per unit of foreign currency. And when the dollar is again raising her in the price, the cost of investment will increase and the real estate market will become even more attractive. Of course, among all the states of America continues to attract California (20% of all international investments in the U.S.) - a strong economy, quality of life, excellent schools, warm weather, low-interest loans, attracts people with money from around the world. The influx of investment has soared. In 2007, they amounted to more than 300 billion little bit behind the sunny state of California - Florida and Arizona. Next 15-20 years, promise an exceptional increase in demand for real estate in warm climates. This, in turn, promises big profits for those who invest today in the estate, farms, large houses and condos in traditionally affluent areas, recreational facilities, close to the ocean or the numerous lakes, commercial property or multi-family homes.

If an investor decides to sell their holdings in the United States, of course, with a profit, it can take advantage of the privileges of the U.S. tax treaty with the former Soviet republics. The National Association of agents and brokers in real estate says that the average price of real estate in the U.S. is doubling every 10 years!

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