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Around the world and especially the United States there are millions of individuals who own guns. There are also millions of individuals who could choose to own a gun but do not. The question is what is it that makes certain individuals decide that owning a firearm is necessity, and others choose to not act upon this right. The honest answer to this question is that there are as many answers to this question as there are individuals who choose to and who choose not to guns.

One of the reasons why many individuals choose to purchase a gun is simply because it is the cool or fashionable thing to do. These individuals love the way they feel and love the way they think others look at them when they show off their custom handguns which can be very helpful in the times of emergency. For some the idea of owning a gun just because it is cool may not be the strongest reason to own guns. But it is a big factor in many individuals decision to purchase a custom handgun. A scenario that would encourage an individual in this situation to purchase a handgun would be that they go shooting with their friends, they have a good time, they think it’s cool, and they go home and purchase a gun of their own. As long as these individuals are responsible gun owners, purchasing a gun just because they think it is cool is not the worst thing in the world.

A second reason why individuals purchase guns is because guns have always been in their families. It is part of their family tradition and is part of their family legacy. An individual may purchase a gun simply because their father, their grandfather, and their great grandfather always had these handguns. Many individuals get their first gun as a gift from their parents. Really, when parents take the time to teach their children how to handle a gun properly it is likely that these children will grow up to be adults who are gun owners. They will appreciate the skill of shooting a gun that they learn from their parents, and they will want to pass this legacy on to their children. Eventually these children will be shopping for guns on their own and looking for lead bullets for sale.

A third reason why individuals purchase custom handguns is because they like to hunt. Hunting is an amazing reason to own a gun. Hunting is an amazing reason to own multiple guns. The thing about hunting is that different animals require different types of firearms. It is unlikely that a hunter is going to try to hunt a duck using a bullet. Owning guns simply to go hunting is probably the number one reason why people own guns.


Funny laws in the United States


smoking standing to do more than three sips of beer a row;

can be legally married by a public announcement of his companion husband or wife three times;

in Jasper dogs must be on a leash at ALL times. Penalty - $ 100.


person who has attained 50 years of age may marry his cousin or sister;

illegal not to drink milk

Washington State:

The laws of the United States

In every state and even in the U.S. there must exist at least one law that will force the reader to question the mental health of lawmakers taking it. The most severe laws - in the state of Texas. Here, for example, are prohibited from making more than three sips of beer while standing, and shoot buffalo from the second floor of the hotel. Fine, respectively 50 and $ 200. If the hot Texas day you want to walk down the street barefoot, do not forget to first go to the municipality and to obtain special permission for which will need to pay $ 5, otherwise, any police officer who noticed you without shoes will fine you $ 40. A few years ago, under pressure from then-Governor George W. Bush (now President of the United States) in the state passed a law according to which the offender shall in writing notify the victim of the crime is not coming less than 24 hours before it occurs, and in a letter imminent crime to be described in detail. Failure to comply with this law face in the future, an additional three years in prison.

In Illinois, a mustachioed men forbidden to kiss a woman in public. Offenders will be sentenced to a 20-hour community service. And in the state of New York you will still face a fine of $ 25 if you're on the street to stare at women.

American laws are strict, not only to men. In Washington, a woman sitting on the lap of the man on the train or bus without a pillow between their faces, automatically gets six months in prison. In the city of St. Croix (Wis.) to women under pain of three months' imprisonment forbidden to wear red clothes, in the town of Tucson (Ariz.), the fairer sex can not go out in the pants, and in Kentucky "no person of the female sex can not appear in a bathing suit on the road ... unless it is accompanied by two police officers or not armed with a shovel. "


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