გვესაჭიროება ახალგაზრდა, ენერგიული პირები პრომო აგენტისა და კონსულტანტის პოზიციებზე

სტუდენტებისათვის შეთავსება მოქნილი გრაფიკით.

ვაკანსია ვრცელდება თბილისსა და რუსთავზე

საქმის პასუხისმგებლობით მოკიდების შემთხვევაში შესაძლებელია კარიერული ზრდა/დაწინაურება

კონსულტანტის სავალდებულო მოთხოვნები:

· სქესი ნებისმიერი

· განათლება საშუალო (სრული), სტუდენტი ან კურსდამთავრებული

· საოფისე პროგრამების ცოდნა (MS Word, MS Exel, MS PowerPoint, Internet) სამომხმარებლო დონეზე

· სამუშაო გამოცდილება სავალდებულო არ არის

· ასაკი 18-30 წელი

· ენების ცოდნა: ქართული, რუსული (მსმენელის დონეზე)

· სასიამოვნო გარეგნობა

Network Marketing. Pyramidality. The American experience.

Long wanted to bring order to their thoughts on the relation of the law in the United States to network marketing.

Let me remind you that in the U.S. case law. That is, any decision of the court in a similar case can be used to protect kachastve evidence or the prosecution. That is why the courts are extremely cautious approach to decision-making if such precedents did not exist.

Fortunately, in the U.S. there is a procedure by which the decision of any court shall be published and available to citizens. So the only problem is to find the right materials, read them and try to understand.

Perhaps the very first trial by touching the multi-level marketing was the process of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against the company Koscot Interplanetary, Inc. in 1975. It is this court began to lay the legal basis for the action of multi-level marketing companies. The charge - fraud and illegal business.

Company Koscot Interplanetary, Inc. - Multi-level marketing company.

Marketing in the USA

The market in the U.S. - one of the largest in the world, but competition in the relevant market. Start Your Business in the U.S. will be very difficult if you do not Orienting any prices or in the audience, no advertising means ...
Too many business representatives from Russia and other CIS countries are not even aware that the main instrument of advertising in the United States is the website. No website - no company. It's in the CIS information about goods or services is mostly on paper, and the Internet is about 10% of the information. In the United States - the figure is - more than 80%, as 95% of U.S. households own at least one computer. Time - Money! And with internet much people can quickly find the desired information. Therefore, U.S. companies are not developing properly their websites out of business within a year. Even the restaurants in the U.S., where it is impossible to book a table online, are not considered decent ...
Many businesses that have achieved significant success in the CIS and try to repeat their success is the American market. It's cool, but the problem is how they do it.
The scenario "Russian" business in the United States. Purchase all of the brightest, most brilliant and most importantly MOST EXPENSIVE! And waiting for buyers.


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