U.S. residents can not be afraid of scorpions

It was long-awaited breakthrough. And then, finally, in Mexico created an antidote to the bite of a scorpion, approved for use in the United States. The drug, called Anascorp ease suffering and even save you from death, thousands of people each year are victims of scorpions. "The creation of such serum was extremely important for all of America, but for Arizona - in particular. After all, most Arizonans naschastnyh scorpions bite. This medication is designed specifically for the case to local scorpion bite ", - said an employee of the University of Arizona Jose Lever Hussmaster.

Although Arizona scorpion has a length of 7 cm, it is a poison that can kill an adult within a few hours. Although deaths are rare and most of them are in Mexico, it is clear that for the most south-western U.S. state is no less serious problem. Arizonans are often uninvited guests not only in the yard, but even in the kitchen and bath as the scorpions of the search for water, which is a significant part of their diet.

Republicans have called Beyonce and Jay-Z number one threat to U.S.

Congressmen are outraged that the singer and her husband, rapper visited Cuba, and require the couple to apply tough sanctions

Republican congressmen urged Washington to apply tougher sanctions against pop singer Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay-Z, calling them the number one threat to U.S. national security. Politicians are outraged that the couple visited Cuba.

"We have to give Beyonce and Jay-Z a clear signal that the U.S. government is not going to tolerate this kind of provocation," - said the Republican senator from Florida Mario Diaz-Balart.

He accused U.S. President Barack Obama that it was "his softness against Beyonce led to such serious consequences." "While the president allowed himself completely distracted by the North Korean problem, in our hemisphere and our eyes Beyonce and Jay-Z made actions that pose a direct threat to U.S. national security," - said the congressman.

Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen supported the colleague, calling on the authorities to the application in respect of the four "most stringent sanctions designed to eliminate the threat hanging over the United States."

Cypress банк - рынок

Кипарис банк заголовки новостей по спасению попали в СМИ за выходные, и это уже, влияет на рынок, который даже не открыт.

Европейские центральные банки требовали высокую цену за спасение банков кипарис, но в конечном счете, это кипрские люди будут платить такую ​​цену. Греция, которая находится в кругу финансового дьявола, послали на 5 млрд евро на Кипре, сообщается на помощь кипрских банков для удовлетворения денежных требований.

Кипарис банк спасение

Но все может быть напрасным, если есть изъятие банковских вкладов, где злые люди уже утратили на 10 процентов своих сберегательных счетов - и не смогут снять деньги со своих счетов.

Шеф кипрского банка заявил во вторник, опасаясь оттока капитала, и это даже может быть растянуто на среду, так как вкладчики уверены что вывести огромные средства из кипрских банков после стрижки будет не возможно. С тех пор Новости по спасению кипариса попали в заголовки СМИ и по всему миру, в страшный день, как событие, которое произошло несколько лет назад.


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