Master in the U.S.: the plan proceeds in one year

1. Search for Masters programs

To search, you can use online directories Peterson's Guide and Directory of Graduate Programs. It is also recommended to contact the nearest American Center for advice. Centre address and general information about education in the United States can be found on the official website of the Education USA.
2. Drawing up a preliminary list of

At this stage, you should make a list of 15-20 universities. Define the criteria for the selection of Magistrates, who are most important to you. For example, such as the reputation of the program on your specialty, quality and reputation of the teaching faculty, the program type (size, flexibility, teaching methods), fees, accommodation, access to financial aid, campus location and affordability.

Start by looking at rankings of universities and graduate programs in the most authoritative sources, such as: the Academic Ranking of World Universities, US News & Report, QS Topuniversities, The Times World University Rankings.
3. Search for funding
After drawing up a preliminary list should be clarified is whether to choose a university or faculty of financial aid for international students. For foreign students going to graduate in the United States, the following financial aid forms:

Fellowships - cover all the costs of training and health insurance and provide for payment of scholarships, which is enough to live in a particular region of the U.S.. Some master's programs provide Fellowships in the first year and the second year students will receive funding in the form of assistantships.

Teaching Assistantship (TA)-Teaching Assistant must either hold classes with younger students or to conduct laboratory work 15-20 hours a week. For it with it's no charge for tuition and stipend pay for accommodation.

Research Assistantship (RA) - usually awarded doctoral graduate students less, depending on the academic and research interests. A student who usually helps the supervisor in research.

Tuition Scholarships and Tuition Waivers - partially or fully cover only the cost of the training. Most often, it is the most likely financial aid, you can count on admission to graduate in the United States. The remaining costs must be covered from other sources: scholarship from an external source (the fund, the government), personal savings, loans, work on campus.

Administrative Assistantship - financial aid, suggesting the work of not more than 20 hours a week on campus in the international department, or performing other administrative functions.

Also worth considering scholarship programs in their own country, foreign government scholarships for foreign scholarships and grants from private foundations and non-governmental organizations.
4. Drawing up a calendar planaObuchenie in the United States.

In the schedule to make the three main categories of timing: the timing of submission of documents to the universities, the timing of applying for scholarships and deadlines for tests TOEFL, GRE or GMAT.

On tests should register no later than 5-6 weeks until the date of its delivery, and the very date of passing the test should be scheduled no later than 6 weeks prior to sending documents to the university master's degree in the United States.

In addition to the basic terms should be defined milestones, such as writing a cover letter (Statement of Purpose), letters of recommendation, preparation of translation diploma and transcript, registration for the tests, submission of documents for a student visa and so on.

5. Determination of the final list of schools

At this stage it is necessary to reduce the initial list of 5-10 master's degree programs in accordance with the previously defined criteria. Since the preparation of the documents takes time and involves the payment of consideration of documents at each university, to $ 75, it is recommended again carefully analyze all the information gathered to determine which criteria are most important for you, evaluate your chance to be enrolled at the selected master's program.

If you are not going to pay for her studies in the U.S. Masters, the main criterion for you is the ability to obtain financing on the selected university or the size of possible funding.
6. Filling in application forms

Since most U.S. universities accept documents online, then fill in the application form and supporting documents can be loaded in several passes through an established account.

If you want to send the documents by mail, application forms can be downloaded from the University website. It is recommended to make a checklist for completing the registration status of the application forms, availability of supporting documents and the fees for the examination of documents.

In the application form and all supporting documents your name must be specified as in the passport. Do not leave blank fields - wherever you need to specify the information that applies to you, write «Not Applicable».

For example, the application form can be count for Social Security Number (SSN). If you have not studied or worked in the U.S., then you have it can not be, so use that to you it is not applicable.
7. Delivery test

To save time in the future, it is recommended to send the test results in selected universities on the date of the test. To do this, visit the site pre-selected universities in their institutional codes, and after the test is complete, enter them in the form of sending a computer testing center.
8. Preparation of the transcript and translation of the diploma

Any university requires so-called School Transcript - a document which identifies the courses, the number of hours attended by each of them, and evaluation.

If a transcript is sent to an American university by mail, it should be sealed in an envelope to your high school, the address on the envelope of the university, across the line overlapping seams should stand official seal.

To prepare the translation of the diploma you must make a photocopy and certify it in the office of the same university transcript. Then do a translation of the diploma in English and translated to assure a notary.
9. Preparation of letters of recommendation

For admission to graduate USA requires about 3 letters of recommendation. It might be your teachers for majors, supervisors, employers.

Under the rules of the recommended must not know about the contents of letters of recommendation. But realistically, the recommendations have to write your own - it is better to English - and then align them with the referees.

If the documents will be sent through the online system of the university, you must specify the email addresses of referees, to which they will go manual. Send them a pre-prepared electronic copies of letters of recommendation, so that they can insert it into a message to be sent.

If the recommendations are sent to an American university by mail, they must be sealed in an envelope, the address on the envelope referee, over the line overlapping seams should stand his signature.
10. Sending dokumentovUcheba in America.

Completely fill out the application form and upload electronic copies of supporting documents to the online system of the university.

It is also recommended to send a copy of the results of TOEFL and GRE, as some universities are starting to process the application before it proceeds to the official results of the tests.

Keep copies of all documents sent in case it gets lost. After some time, please contact the Admission Committee (Office of Graduate Admissions) to verify the receipt of the documents.

Specific requirements for the procedure of registration and submission of documents to be specified in the selected University Admissions Office.

11. Decision-making

In this period begin to receive letters from the universities, which were sent documents to the positive or negative decisions. In letters to the positive solution is to provide information on the Grant of financial aid, orientation sessions for incoming students, health insurance, and the amount at the date of making a cash deposit.

In the selected university should send the completed forms that were placed in an envelope, and make a deposit before that date to reserve space on the program.

In particular, please fill out the Health Statement from the American University. The document to be translated from English (for the doctors at your clinic), get tested, get the conclusion stated in the form of experts, to make the necessary medical vaccinations. More information about the vaccination can be found on the website of the U.S. Embassy.

Once done, you need to put on the form of the conclusions of experts from print head physician clinics. Then transfer form with the advice of the doctors in the English translation, and to assure a notary.

In direct response to other universities with a polite refusal (Letter of Regret).
12. Request for SEVIS

Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) issued to the applicant by the host institution under the following conditions:

a decision on the candidate to the University;
the level of English proficiency meets the requirements;
funds a candidate for tuition and accommodation deemed sufficient.

This document is necessary for obtaining a U.S. student visa. To obtain a visa F1 relies form I-20, for J1 visa relies form DS-2019.

13. Meeting the requirements of SEVIS

Complete the form SEVIS I-901, using information from the Form I-20 or DS-2019, attach a document confirming payment of the SEVIS. All the instructions for payment of the charge listed on the site SEVIS.
14. A student visa

After confirmation of payment for the I-20 and SEVIS I-901, you should immediately apply for a U.S. visa at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. This should be done as early as possible before the date of departure, as the review of documents takes time. More details on how to apply for a visa can be found on the official website of the
15. The notice of the arrival of the University of

In the international department of the University (International Student Office) it is important to inform about your arrival, so as not to lose the status of a foreign student.
16. Addressing financial voprosovMagistratura in America.

Typically, the tuition fees paid by a certain date. However, if you expect the proceeds from the faculty of the university, in which you were enrolled, or grant funds from an external source, the university can provide the opportunity to pay for their studies later deadline.

This is called a deferment. On the procedure for deferral of payment should be consulted in particular of higher education.

If you plan to use your own money, before leaving should check with your bank how they can translate into their future U.S. bank account (bank account in the United States can only be opened in person, that is, only on arrival).

It is also recommended to have a bank card VISA or Master Card, so before opening an account in the U.S. to be able to withdraw money from a bank account opened in their own country.
17. Everyday issues

For the first 1-2 weeks you will need a temporary home, until you find permanent housing. You can stay in a hotel or, if lucky, the students' free-old residents of your faculty who are returning to school.

You do not also want to contact the program coordinator at your school (Graduate Program Coordinator), to consult on the matter and at the same time to find out if the candidates received from your country or region - you can contact them in advance for joint tenancy.

Expect to live in a dorm on campus is not particularly necessary, as in the dorms living andegrady (undergraduate students). As a rule, students from graduate school shoot private housing near campus.

To get an idea of ??current prices in the housing adjacent to the campus can be read in the pre-Internet advertising in local newspapers, student forums, and other resources such as

If you rent an apartment off-campus, be prepared to pay a deposit of property owner - private owner or management company - because at the time of arrival you still will not be a credit history in the United States.

Otherwise, find a guarantor - a permanent resident or citizen of the United States. In addition, for rental housing may need proof of availability of funds.

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