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Binebi yidva gayidva - Udzravi qoneba

Binebis yidva gayidva - Udzravi qoneba

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Buy a house in the U. S. real estate directory

If you want to buy property in the U.S. - you have selected the desired resource. Our real estate will help you find a house or apartment in any state in the U.S. and buy them. Also, on our website you will find features of American law in the field of real estate, taxation and visa, the purchase process, as well as other useful information.

We will help you organize:
selection of variants of all types of real estate in all states on request;
selection of the most favorable mortgage terms and the best banks in America;
full support of the purchase - sale of real estate in the United States;
clearance immigrant visa (green card) or a non-immigrant visa (work, student or tourist);
selection of investment packages in real estate

Our capabilities:
Real estate in the U.S. since 2006,

Buy real estate in the United States (California, Florida), the price

Why buy real estate in the U.S., especially in South Florida attracts a huge number of tourists and people who want to live in a warm, comfortable climate? The answer to this question lies in two main points: First, in Florida, USA developed infrastructure (roads, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment, concerts, nightlife, educational opportunities, high levels of medicine, environment, etc. ) and the second, and perhaps the most important point - it is not conventionally climate.

Feature of the climate of South Florida and Miami of course, sets the warm Gulf Stream, which approaches the coast near Key Biscayne and moving away from the coast in the area of ??Palm Beach. Proximity to the warm currents creates a unique temperature conditions along the ocean. In winter, the ocean temperature does not drop below 22 ° C in summer and does not rise above 28 ° C. Accordingly, the average temperature on the shoreline in winter 22 ° C and the summer is not over 35 ° C, which is not true for areas located away from the ocean and more than 5 km (5 minutes by car). In winter where the average temperature of 3-5 ° C below and above respectively in summer 5-10 ° C.

It is for these reasons to buy property in the U.S. coastal zone is considerably more expensive.


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