Sport Education: Sports Management in USA

In the U.S. on business education for sports workers began to think back in the mid sixties. There it happened naturally, first, because the economics have always occupied a leading role in education, second, physical education students in universities and colleges is given a lot of attention.

Semi-professional sports teams have in every American high school in the class schedule included special items, in which students are introduced to a variety of sports, learn the history of their origin, the rules and be sure to try their hand at them. This approach to education leads to the fact that, for example, 80% of the players of the North American League NCAA college basketball become the stars of NBA.

In the mid-eighties in the U.S. opened the first business school where inculcated MBA Sport Management & Entrepreneurship. Then there were others like it, but is accented by adjacent areas MBA Sport Medicine, MBA Fitness Management and drugie.Sovremennaya Sport Management MBA program meets the standards of western business education: a basic disciplines that exist in the classical and in specialized programs (the first year of training), and special sporting items, among which you can choose the necessary (second year).

Thus, we can talk about the variety of expertise in the world of sport, while maintaining all the major economic and applied business disciplines. MBA in Sport Management SShAKrug themes and subjects that applicants are studying MBA program

Sport in the U.S.A

Sport in America - a real school "team spirit", which is beginning to raise the age of seven under the guidance of coach the local team. And moreover, it - Business and how! In sport, compete with each other and most prestigious universities, and most ordinary schools. Boys go specifically to look at the outstanding players of students who achieved fame not only sports, but also the right to "athletic" scholarship, which is not one thousand dollars! In professionalnom sports betting at all outrageous. Meanwhile bolee that the line between sports and business postepenno erased as controversial language of sport and sport is becoming increasingly intertwined with the business speech.

America, giving as many world medalists in individual sports is lagging behind in the international team championships, such as the World Cup soccer or rugby. But why? Just because these sports in America is not traditional, and consequently, they have few followers. Americans love homebrew - "popular" sports and related ancestral rites, rituals, and other priests. On Mondays, work in offices does not begin earlier than the radio will announce the internal football Summary (Results, held on the weekend). At the professional or amateur level, stadiums or on television, in America, only three of the sport gather legions of fans - basketball, soccer and baseball. American can break away from its roots, but of your favorite team - or in life.

Terms national sports games, which take, stuff is quite complicated and tricky to explain them. Meanwhile istye American fans are ready to discuss the vicissitudes of hoarseness and subtleties of the game, both in the stadium and a sports bar. The benefit of this is the best way to get true friends: do not you all on the same team!

Известный российский хоккеист пропал в Москве

Известный в прошлом советский и российский вратарь, тренер магнитогорского «Металлурга» Михаил Шталенков пропал без вести в Москве, сообщил «Интерфаксу» источник в правоохранительных органах во вторник. Полиция уже начала его розыск.

По словам источника, в воскресенье, 25 марта, Шталенков прилетел в аэропорт Внуково рейсом из Магнитогорска, после чего позвонил жене, сообщил, что едет домой, но так и не объявился.

«В понедельник поздно вечером супруга хоккеиста обратилась в полицию», — добавил источник. В пресс-службе ХК «Металлург» сообщили, что о пропаже Шталенкова в клубе ничего не известно. Сейчас все игроки и тренеры находятся в отпуске.


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