Mobiluri telefoni yidva gayidva

Mobiluri telefonebis yidva gayidva

Lombardis telefonebis didi archveni aseve meoradi telefonebi. Am saitze shegidzliat iyidot an gayidot axali mobilurebi. Magram chndeba shekitxva romeli? amitom daiwera es statia !

sad viyidot margi telefoni? kargi shekitxva imitom rom dzalin bevri brandia dges. Zogi Iphons , Samsung Galaxi, HTC, Microsoft, LG, Sony da sxva brends irchevs. saertod bolo dros dzalian modaSi shemovida iphone mobilurebi da titqmis yvelas aqvs. Amastanave girs agvnishvna rom bevri chinuri patentia. kargi archevnis gaketeba ar tu ise advilia. Tan karg mobilurs kargi movla schirdeba an damcveli romelic daicavs tqvens iphons nachxapnebisgan.

Arsebobs bevri saiti sadac bevri shemotavazebaa. Magram Minda gagimxilod ert erti yvelaze populaluri saiti mobiluri telefonebis yidva tu gayidva taobaze. Qvevit naxavt bmuls da shegidzliat daatvalierod. Didi archevia tan mosaxerxebeli da moqnili saitia. shebrdzandit da tavad naxavt sachiro mobilurs !


Microsoft has announced cyber attack

Software development, Microsoft followed by Apple and social network Facebook announced on Friday that "recent" cyber attack on its computers.

This is reported in the early hours of Saturday agency Reuters.
According to representatives of Microsoft, a number of computers
corporations have been infected by malware. When it was
attempted cyberattack, not reported. However, as assured
at Microsoft, indications of any damage to or theft of data
customers were not.

"These cyber attacks are not surprising
for Microsoft and other companies that are struggling
with decisive and persistent hackers "- said the representative of the

What is technology transfer in the U.S.

Transfer of technology - is the transfer of legal rights to the use and commercialization of research discoveries from a third party. Following the adoption in 1980 of the Act Bayh-Dowell was a sharp jump of innovative activity and technology transfer from U.S. universities. If before 1980 the results of intellectual activity created on the basis of public funding transferred to public use, the act allowed universities and other organizations to draw up their property. As a consequence, the annual volumes of patenting universities by 2004 had risen to 11089 patents, which is much higher than the results before 1980 (less than 250 patents per year).

The essence of transfer and subsequent commercialization of the technology lies in bringing innovation to the public, encouraging research activities of universities. Rights to use innovations are transferred on a reimbursable basis, thereby providing a partial self-financing university research.

At present, every American university to innovative activities and has in the organizational structure of the Center for Technology Transfer. In the center of professionals from different fields, allowing to provide a complete chain of transfer of technology. This appraisers, and marketers, and attorneys, and financiers.

Currently, Russian universities are actual questions of the organization of the technology transfer centers. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in America's Technology Transfer, you can build an effective system in Russia. The table below describes the process of creation, transfer and commercialization of intellectual property in the United States:


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