Journey to United States

Very often, those who are traveling for the first time in the U.S., asked almost the same questions about the route, the weather, regulations, roads, cell phones and so on. From the responses to them was born this article.

The weather?
There are many websites where jobs are forecast. We use it here - In the search box where it says «Enter zip or US / Intl city», enter the name of the place you are interested (for example, Death Valley, CA, or Bryce Canyon, UT), and the browser will issue a forecast. In the top menu, there's a button «Yesterday / Today / Current / Radar / Hour-by-Hour / Weekend / 10-Day / Month», which allow to see the average rates in the area for specific months of the year.
To see statistics for the year should go to the weather for a month (Month) and under the table with the weather for the month click on the Averages and get the average temperature and rainfall for each month, and will be especially clear if you switch to a graphical representation of this information.

How to dress and what to wear in America?

The question "Which of clothes to take with you on a trip to America?" Is directly related to the time of the year and the average temperature in that area. Looking average temperature and rainfall for the month of interest, it is easy to understand how much you will need warm clothing. Pay attention to the difference between day and night temperatures (what can differ by tens of degrees).

For example, Death Valley, where in February-March, daytime temperatures reach 22-25 degrees Celsius, and at night the temperature can drop to zero. Part of the national parks (for example, Bryce Canyon) is quite high in the mountains (2200 meters above sea level). In winter there is very cold, the temperature is not uncommon and minus 30C, in addition, due to the thin cold air carried a lot worse. So, if your trip is taking place in the autumn-winter period, to have warm clothing is a must. Bring warm comfortable jacket that will not hamper your movements. Special attention to the warm, comfortable and practical shoes with good tread soles.

Do not forget gloves and a warm hat. The general rule - it is better to err than something to freeze! For tours taking place in the warmer months would be very useful hat a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses and sunscreen. Regarding the hat is to say further. Do not assume that the weather conditions are always favorable to you.

About American hotels

American Standard hotel (motel) consists of a two-storey building, which stands right next to the road. As a rule, it is part of one of the hotel chains and, having been in one of them, we can safely say that you have visited all. The service can be a little better or a little worse, the room a little cleaner or not, but, in general, most roadside motels look like twin brothers. Standard room includes one or two beds, satellite TV, coffee maker, hair dryer, and sometimes a small closet, refrigerator and iron. Bathroom is usually combined and can include a bath, but can only shower cubicle. Sometimes (but rarely) at the hotel include a restaurant, but more often you can find a restaurant just across the road. Room service is usually available. Often there is a laundry or dry cleaning service on \ washing clothes for an extra fee. This is very important on a long route! Very often, at a hotel can be a swimming pool. Usually it is open (on the street), and often during the cold season water is heated. On this, as on the additional services (additional services), you can always ask the receptionist.

Will there be a link with the outside world?

Calls from hotel rooms, as a rule, paid and included in the bill. Especially expensive long-distance or international calls. The price can go as high as $ 6.12 per minute. Automatic phone a lot and they are found everywhere, even in remote locations, such as the Valley of Death. Virtually every gas station has a pay phone and from virtually any phone booth can call anywhere in the world, usually need to be credit card for payment. For international calls you can buy Calling card type in the Global Papa and calls through it in, say, Russia 3 cents per minute to any machine or from a motel room (a room starting at 1-800 )

Cellular communication in America

Despite the fact that more than half of the territory of the United States have cell coverage and the fact that most U.S. mobile operators have roaming agreements with Russian operators rely on a solid performance of his cell phone outside the major cities do not. In fact, the route just goes to such "wild" places. It should be understood that, despite the presence of cellular coverage, it does not guarantee the performance of your cell phone in most places overnight stays. Confidently operate only local phones purchased on a permanent contract. Phones purchased without a contract and with time-based connections (which are bought in any supermarket), in these places, too, as a rule, do not work. This is due to the fact that the U.S. government has sponsored and cellular networks in remote places, and roaming in these areas have only local operators. If you need a reliable and regular telephone service, you need to attend to this in advance and get a normal contract with one of the big mobile operators or buy or rent a satellite phone type Iridium. One last note. On the route can occur where produce no cellular coverage (such as Indian reservations or the Valley of Death). In this case, you will save payphones, which are usually available on every gas station or in hotel. Very often a conversation with a machine gun can be paid by credit card.

Internet in the Americas

Virtually every American hotel has high-speed Internet access. Sometimes he paid ($ 5-15 a day), but most of the residents it is included in the room rate. In most cases, this is a wireless WiFi access throughout the hotel or within the hotel lounge. Sometimes in the lobby there is a computer connected to the network, and can be used in a queue. Usually you can count on the fact that the route you will have access to the Internet, even if it is not every day.

What we eat on a journey to America?

Many food goodies breakfast is included in the room rate and is served from 6 am to 9 am. As a rule, the so-called Continental Breakfast, which includes coffee or tea, scones, jam, butter, sometimes oatmeal and fruit. On a hearty breakfast should not count, and the time we have, as a rule, it is not. As our route will pass through remote areas of large cities, fabulous restaurants we probably will not meet. Usually motels are combined with mid-level restaurants where you can dine on the tight $ 15 - $ 25 per person (plus taxes 10.7% and 15% gratuity). Of course, it all depends on your appetite! In the U.S., everyone pays for themselves. So even if you brought one bill for the entire company, rather easy to find in the score line of your order and calculate how much it costs (and not to forget the%%). In addition, the dressings may find a small force to maintain (nuts, juices, chocolate, etc.). If you are individual preferences or restrictions on food, pobespokoytes about it before you travel. Although in most supermarkets even located in remote places, you can easily find vegetarian, kosher, lactose-free and gluten free products

Water Drinking Water should be treated separately. Air "Wild West" is quite dry, and rising to the plateau, we find ourselves in an even more unusual conditions. Therefore it is very important to drink in more water and always keep in stock a few bottles. As a rule, tap water is safe to drink, too, but it does not always tasty. Bottled water can be purchased at any gas station.


Each refill on your path must contain a toilet. In order to use it is not necessary to buy anything there. So as toilets are almost all restaurants, shops, hotels and any public or government buildings. To take advantage of them did not have to be there by the client (though of course the restaurants to go to the toilet is not accepted, but if you want it and nowhere else, it is quite a valid especially for foreigners). In America, the toilets are called Restrooms and in any supermarket is enough to pronounce it with a question mark and you will immediately show it, is also very common to see this tablet. Toilets are always free, or at least for 10 years, I've never seen here pay toilets in national parks have well-equipped toilets in all the sights of parking. If there is no water for the hands is sure to be a special disinfector for cleaning hands and dry toilet paper.

Alcohol in America

America - a country where the public consumption of alcohol outside the bar or restaurant is prohibited and punishable by quite a large fine. Laws vary from state to state, but in general, they are quite hard. In addition, quite often the so-called "dry zone" - where prohibited the sale of any alcohol. For example, all Indian Reservation, Monument Valley in particular, are "dry zones". This means that within a radius of 100 miles no alcohol is sold. In other places you can buy alcohol in grocery stores, gas stations or in specialty shops, and, of course, in bars and restaurants. The stores are often limited to the sale of alcohol after 21:00 pm. It must be remembered that the open use of alcohol in the street or in the hotel lobby, as a rule, lead to the rapid emergence of a police officer, followed by a fine or, in the apparent intoxication, for transmittal to the site. Drinking in hotel rooms is not forbidden. Keep uncorked bottles of any alcohol (not to drink!) In the interior of the car is strictly prohibited. All of your "wealth" should be in the trunk. For violation of this rule threatens not only a heavy fine, but weaning driver's license or even imprisonment. In most places where you will be staying, buy alcohol is not a problem. However, if you do not imagine myself going to bed without an evening martini, is to worry about it in advance.


In America, actively fighting against smoking and smoking is prohibited in almost all the hotels and restaurants as well as in most bars. But usually you can smoke at the entrance to these institutions. At the pump smoke near the entrance to the gas station, there usually are ashtrays. In national parks smoking is not prohibited but is usually a penalty for garbage in the wrong place, please feel free to draw your own conclusions. All tobacco products in the United States heavily taxed and very expensive. The average price for a pack of cigarettes by an average of 5-6 dollars. So if you smoke it's a good idea to attend to purchase cigarettes in the Duty Free at the entrance.

Insurance in America

Please make insurance! Two major insurer Rosno and Ingosstrah. The set of services in both the same, namely: 1. medical expenses insurance for no less than U.S. $ 50,000 2. accident insurance ($ 1,000 to $ 10,000) 3. baggage insurance (optional from $ 500 to $ 2000) but you can not select this item. Price: 50-70 $ $ You can of course use any other insurance company. Please take insurance seriously. Without insurance, basic medical problem can cost you thousands of dollars.

Passport control and customs in the United States

FILL OUT THE FORM I-94, and customs declarations are in the cabin. White spine of I-94 officer of the migration service will pin to the page of the passport - is not lost upon departure DEAL before going on the plane representatives of the airline - it's the only proof that you have left the country, the proof of this fact lies with you.
The most interesting is that the visa in the passport has not been formally grants the right to enter the country. It gives only the right to present the documents of the migration service officer at the border (but you can do it, even on the last day of the visa). It is he who decides whether you can enter the United States, and for how long. It also makes the photo on the memory and remove fingerprints.

Everyone entering the United States is a foreign citizen has the right to free import 200 cigarettes (one pack) or 50 cigars, no more than 1 liter of alcohol (for those over 21 years), personal effects and household items. Gold Jewellery and Diamonds subject to declaration. Prohibits the importation of any "pirate" (counterfeit) products and any foods (chocolate, candies in packages you can) If the amount is imported or exported more than U.S. $ 10 000, it must be stated in the declaration. This rule applies to traveler's checks.


All persons arriving in the United States clear customs at the first airport on arrival, regardless of the final destination. You'll have to get bags, go through customs and passport control, and if you are flying on, pass the bags again. Most likely you will be able to deliver the bags immediately after customs, and you'll just have to get to the other terminal. The minimum time for the procedure - one and a half hours. In New York and Atlanta in the peak date of all to the border guards can reach a couple of hours. All are guaranteed for two and a half. If you miss your connecting flight due to the fact that it is not time to go through customs, you will, with a probability of 99% will be put on the next flight at no extra charge, but it is advisable to plan docking with the stock. Another factor: the length of transatlantic flights can be easily changed by 30-60 minutes in either direction, depending on the prevailing wind direction. Weight and number of pieces of checked baggage is limited. For international travel, it's usually two pieces of luggage of 23kg (50funtov) (please check on the website of your airline). International rules will apply to all domestic connecting flights, but if you plan to make stops and you will have additional domestic flights - please check the terms offered by a particular carrier. All airlines now have different conditions for baggage on domestic flights - from two locations included 23 kg to the ticket "with no baggage." In this case, you will have to pay extra for luggage at the airport. Usually the price is not high - $ 20-30 for first place and $ 50 for the second. Excess baggage for a few kilograms. on U.S. domestic flights, you may be more expensive than paying an extra baggage.


Roads in the United States are good to go, even in large cities, is much easier than in Moscow. Outside the cities - just riding pleasure.
Please do not forget to bring your driver's license. About international law, international law it is - navsego certified translation of your license for 6 major world languages. By themselves, they are not the document. If the rights you have duplicate information in English (and in Russian law, it is) that these rights will be taken to the United States as legal as the police and in rentalnyh offices. Checked more than once in recent years. Although I must say that companies hire cars to the Russian rights are suspicious, especially since instead of plastic cards were again given a piece of paper. But usually all the same charge, just show that there is, and your information in English

Rules of the road in the United States have a few minor differences:
1. At intersections with little traffic, you can be faced with a "STOP" under which napisno "All way stop" or "4-way stop". This means that there is no main road, and operates one rule - the first car crosses the intersection, which was the first stop on the sign.

2. If you saw the police behind "disco" - take the right and stop. If the police car stops for you - do not get out of the car. Lower the window, place your hands on the steering wheel and wait until the policeman himself will come to you. On motorways enough for police to release the middle lane and dropping rate continue driving. Police are wondering if it was you - it will keep you, and overtake you on the vacant strip. In this case, you will need to find a way to take the right and stop. Do not try to bribe a police officer - it's over for you arrest and forwarding to the site and the subsequent meeting with the judge.

3. In the U.S., you can turn right at a red traffic light! You can do it - after a full stop - if left no cars moving in your direction along the road on which you are going to turn - you do not have the right of way to pedestrians crossing the this. The only exception is the city of New York - where it is impossible to turn right on red. In some places right turn may be banned. In this case, will be installed at the junction plate "NO turns on red".

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