Top 20 U.S. web 2.0 services

The company recently held a Hitwise study, which identified the 20 most popular U.S. web 2.0 services. The most popular, not surprisingly, are the social networks that are currently not very interesting to me - myspace, facebook, etc. Digg, to my surprise, did not get here.

1. MySpace - 44.14% market share, social network, is extremely popular in America, but the Russian version has not yet managed to win our classmates and in touch.
2. eBay - 16.22% market share, on-line auction. The thing is, of course, is good, but we need to paypal'om torment.
3. Facebook - 13.03% market share, a social network.
4. YouTube - 9.88% market share, store videos about everything
5. Wikipedia - 4.76% market share, online encyclopedia created by users
6. Craigslist - 3.14% market share, electronic newspaper ads tied to specific cities. For Russia have bulletin boards for Moscow and St. Petersburg.
7. Yahoo Answers - 1.41% market share, question and answer service.
8. myYearbook - 1.05% market share, the social network of American teenagers
9. Tagged - 0.95% market share, is another social network for students
10. Flickr - 0.86% market share, photohosting
11. Bebo - 0.71% market share, social network
12. Meebo - 0.59% market share, web-based client for instant messaging, in particular, a useful thing for those who work on ICQ is blocked by the firewall. 13. - 0.52% market share, a social network for African Americans
14. - 0.45% market share, a social network for animeshnikov
15. Blogger - 0.40% market share, blog hosting service from Google, where he lived in particular my blog as long until I moved here.
16. Adam4Adam - 0.35% market share, a social network for American homosexuals
17. hi5 - 0.35% market share, is another social network
18. WikiAnswers - 0.33% market share, question and answer service, built on a wiki.
19. IMEEM - 0.31% market share, social network, specializing in multimedia content, videos, music, etc.
20. LiveJournal - 0.30% market share, LJ - hardly anyone does not know what it is.

In general, among all this diversity interested me question and answer service, and of meebo - sometimes useful thing. It's a pity, did not know about it on the previous work, this is now less relevant. Wikipedia, Youtube and Flickr, of course.

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