5 Tips for Website Promotion in the U.S.

1. Selection of English-language keywords

Usually keywords are best to look at the already successful competitor who train for a long time is in the top.

Services selecting the right keywords


- Google https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal - main service

- Free Wordtracker https://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/


http://www.wordtracker.com/ (expensive)
Base Pastukhova - http://pastukhov.com/databases/english
ActualKeywords - http://actualkeywords.com/

and others ...

Of course, the best way to choose the keywords that will benefit (ROI) - unscrew for maximum keyword contextual advertising.

It's not cheap initially, but the analysis you will be able to accurately determine which keywords you need for SEO.

Once you have the proper list of keywords for which you want to get into the top Google.com - go to your site.

2. Optimizing your site

About the optimization of site you can read here, and in this article I will write most of the highlights.

Meta tags:

- Title

- Description

- Keywords

- Alt

It is important to make a unique Title, and correctly write on them promoted keywords.

It is desirable to promote up to 10 keywords on the home page and 5 on regular pages (landing pages).

3. Preparation and implementation of content

To promote the site in the U.S., we will need a lot of content. And it is this content for:

- The descriptions for paid directories

- Texts for press releases

- Texts for article directories

- And of course the lyrics for the site

Descriptions for paid directories - it describes the size of 200-500 characters for paid directories. If you use a non-unique text, then it's a waste of money. The result will be small, and Spend money for getting into the directories.

Texts for press releases - just to be unique and with meaning. At the initial stage, we have enough 20-30 articles which we will post on the most high-end websites press releases.

Texts for article directories - article directories have both paid and unpaid. At the initial stage, it is desirable to get a promotion fee, as they have a lot of trust (trust), and well give a reference to the promoted website.

If it is paid article directories - in this case it is best for each article directory to write a unique article. If you are free, you can write a macro and using it to propagate.

Texts for the site - it's selling texts that motivate to do something, and informational texts.

4. Working with links

As I wrote earlier in this article - Work with references after the site is well optimized core.

What goes into the work with references:


- Registration in paid directories

- Posting articles forever

- Work with link exchanges

- Placement of press releases

- Placement and through links from the main page

- Other types of links ...

And now look at each of the above steps with references greater detail:

A) Check in paid directories

Yes, yes, check the catalogs for the English segment of the effect, but more like a trust. But these paid directories and have a good history. For example:

http://joeant.com/ PR 6, Alexa 12k, 2001 and so on.

There is less that the cost of registration of the plan of paid directories typically 15 to $ 70. Accommodation is all that is life time.

Worth It? I am sure that, yes, but you need to look at progress so far as the budget is.

Explanatory Trust paid directories have about 120. I usually log into 2-3 stages. For example, every month for 30-40.

B) Placement of articles forever

This article may be in blogs, or regular websites. They do not need to write articles themselves bloggers do it.
I use such exchanges as:

http://sponsoredreviews.com/- is the most popular market. Recent years it has become a bit deflated in terms of quality, but so far it has no replacement. Separately on this exchange I make a video lesson in the next posts.

http://www.buyblogreviews.com/ - as an alternative to sponsoredu, but worse in the selection of sites.

There are others, but I enjoyed them very little, or not used at all.

B) Work with link exchanges

It's no secret that many in the English-language sites zakupet links sape. Great Exchange in terms of costs and benefits, but that it is necessary - so it is diluted Sapovsky links to articles directories through. Then the site will be great to climb into the top.

PS: glanders has released an English version, where the base of English-language sites sorted sap, and easy search. I think at the exchange has all the chances to grow ten times more in terms of both sites and optimizers. Here url http://beta.serpzilla.com - until just want to register for an invite if you do not find - email me try to get it.

D) placement of press releases

Now placement of press releases giving less weight than it was before the introduction of the algorithm Panda, but it gives nmenee and in particular this link to a very trust resources.

As I wrote in the paragraph about the content of the press releases, it would initially be produced articles and then post them.
For each site, a unique article. But we placed only at the top sites, all the other sites themselves can take content from top.

D) the placement of links and cross-links from the main page

If you already have a database of sites where you can locate and contact the owners or agents of sites is super! If not, the Wellcome http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=58 can look at what is already there, or write what you need and to accept applications. Both the first and the second option is great work.

E) Other links

It can be comments, links to profiles, Lisa (squidoo) and so on. All depends on the subject. If the theme of the forbidden, many exchanges do not accept them, and you will have to look for other options to get links.

Or if your competitor is just moving other types of links, it would be logical to do the same to keep up with him.

5. Findings

The above methods are just ways without actions are not effective. Next is the most important thing - hard work.

Promotion of sites in the United States differ from advancing to the CIS that there is much greater competition, more cost links, and therefore much more budgets for SEO in general.

You also need to promote a more cautious, that would not receive filters and sanctions to sites from search engines.

In general, a large U.S. market, it is attended by a lot of companies that provide services to promote, but if ordered SEO from Ukraine - is at times, and sometimes ten times cheaper and the quality is ten times better than in India, where often sit optimizers U.S. companies.

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