Promotion in the U.S. in Competitive analysis

Website promotion by Google in the U.S. resembles a country where all the polls addicts. However, drugs are prohibited, but still they are used. They have not developed (disabled) link exchange (otherwise Google will blacklisted!), So they, like us in RuNet 10 years ago must be negotiated with webmasters and bloggers to place articles, posts for nehilye money.

Let's start with the indicative keywords - seo services (search engine optimization).
KeywordSpy gives us the number of advertisers in the context and the cost per click.

Recommended linked list of key phrases:

And one of the most precious moments - the list of key competitors together with a list of key phrases on contextual advertising and organic search.

As can be seen from the list of leaders we may be interested and Take the second.

Immediately there is a possibility to get acquainted with the texts in the context of the advert.

And the headers, and snippets in organic SERP.
Once you promonitorili main competitors have caught running keywords and ad text (snippets), you need to ask the question: "What are the words to concentrate?" The initial criterion is the ability to bring in traffic.
Approximate attendance of a competitor's site make it possible to track SEMRush and Compete. Compete for the site gives a figure of 30.828 unique visitors per month.

At the time, as SEMRush argues that only organic traffic from Google to the site for 54 thousand per month.

The error in this moment of both instruments is large enough. And SEMRush and Compete significantly overstate the real value of traffic.

SEMRush advantage in such studies is the availability of data on current positions and% of traffic, driven by the key word in relation to the total attendance of organic issuance Google. Thanks to unload in Excel and uncomplicated work with formulas, you can determine how many times differ in terms of traffic or that key requests.

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